Melanoma and skin tumors

Dr. Wolf specializes in the removal of moles, precancerous skin lesions, malignant melanomas, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, and the risk factors for melanoma and malignant skin tumors are UV exposure Exposure to the sun), family history, genetic predisposition, multiple moles, and more.

Skin tumors often involve visible areas of the sun such as the face, neck, and scalp, and sometimes there are several lesions. The choice of a plastic surgeon to remove such tumors ensures that in addition to the medical procedure, aesthetic considerations and methods for minimizing complications and scars will also be taken into account.

Removal of skin tumors

These are limited surgeries performed mostly under local anesthesia only, depending on the area affected by the body, the size of the tumor and the depth of its penetration into the skin layers. In some cases, Dr. Wolf will ask you to complete a few more preoperative tests, and in certain cases of tumors in areas that are problematic for surgery or relatively large tumors, Dr. Wolf may recommend complementary, preliminary or alternative treatments such as medication, Methods that help to minimize the accompanying morbidity and lead to a more limited final analysis.

Consult a consultation

Dr. Omer Wolf will be happy to meet with you at his clinic in Ramat Gan, to answer any questions you may have regarding the removal of skin tumors and the adaptation of medical aesthetic treatments for melanoma and skin tumors tailored to your specific situation. You are invited to our clinic for an initial examination and a decision on your preferred treatment.

צילומי לפני/אחרי של ניתוחים עשויים להכיל תכנים גרפיים.

Skin reconstruction – removal of melanoma and skin tumors

Reconstructive surgery is an inseparable part of plastic surgery, especially when it comes to plastic surgery for the removal of melanoma and various skin tumors. The medical condition followed by skin lesions and tumors is a parameter that requires careful consideration and understanding in order to perform a plastic surgery procedure for cosmetic change and external influence. The surgical aspect refers to the whole medical issue to successfully restore the skin while removing tumors and skin lesions, while the plastic face refers to the aesthetic and skin appearance after completion of the procedure.

Dr. Wolf

Dr. Wolff is an expert in reconstructive surgeries and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of microcircular reconstructive surgery, and during his military service Dr. Wolf graduated with honors from the Medical Officers Course and served as a combat doctor in operational units. His treatment of the wounded under fire, and the exposure to combat casualties and their coping with the physical and mental state of the complex, as a result of the injury, caused Dr. Wolf to feel a sense of mission during his internship and his work in reconstructive plastic surgery.

Today, Dr. Wolf works as a senior physician at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center after receiving a degree in plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery from Tel Aviv University. He also studied in the United States at the MD Anderson Medical Center in Texas and is considered a leader in cancer, where he gained experience in reconstructive surgery Such as reconstruction after breast cancer as a result of cancerous growth, head and neck reconstruction operations, reconstructions due to melanoma and skin lesions, abdominal and lower extremities, and other reconstructive surgeries.

Coordinated initial consultation meeting

In order to be able to understand the range of treatments that are suitable for your medical condition, please coordinate an initial consultation with Dr. Wolf at the clinic in Ramat Gan, where you can get a detailed answer to all the questions you have about melanoma and skin tumors, in the medical and aesthetic aspects of skin restoration.